onnecticut residents looking for long-term care should be aware that there are several types of long term care facilities. When comparing long-term care providers, be sure to compare similar types of facilities with their counterparts. For example, comparing an assisted living facility to an adult day care may result in your making an uninformed, biased decision.

Below are a few types of long-term care facilities available in the state of Connecticut:

1. Nursing Homes: These facilities provide full 24-hour care for patients who may not be able to care for themselves. It may be as a result of an accident where the patient requires recuperation and physical therapy that goes beyond hospital care, or it the patient may be a senior citizen unable to perform basic functions and the care requirements exceed those provided by a visiting nurse. Nursing homes provide care for the chronically ill and/or convalescing patient.

2. Assisted Living: In an assisted living facility, people generally are not bed ridden and usually require help with performing some daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, bathing. Assisted living facilities are usually populated by the elderly that do not require 24-hour nursing home care.

3. Adult Day Care: Day care facilities offer their patients health monitoring services. The staff will ensure that patients are well fed and hydrated. They check blood pressure and assist with basic care.

4. Continuing Care Retirement Community: This type of care provides the elderly with lifetime care. Most residents of this type of community have considerable resources to afford such care. Most residents sell their homes and move into these communities. Care varies depending on the health of the resident.

5. Residential Care: These are homes that have the necessary individuals and facilities to provide food, laundry and shelter for two or more people. The services provided do not require a skilled nurse or special training. Residential care homes help individuals by preparing food, assist with dressing and bathing.

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