Staying fit and mobile plays a large role in senior health. Its not always easy to maintain fitness levels as we age. Naturally, our bodies change, but we dont want them becoming immobile! Here are some tips to make your senior years more enjoyable and fit.

As much as possible, continue doing your daily living tasks. Taking a bath, even if its just a sponge bath, gives your arms a mini-workout. Youre bending and keeping flexible, which is vital for proper joint health.

Cooking involves peeling vegetables, some walking, bending to reach pots and pans. Dont fret that you may not be able to do all grocery shopping by yourself. As long as you can continue cooking at home, this allows more chance for movement.

So, were continuing our daily tasks, and now its time to consider some specific exercise.

Golfing provides fun, a chance for walking, bending, and maintaining flexibility. Even miniature golf allows for some of these tasks, so join the grandkids if you can.

Perhaps getting out to a golf course isnt possible for you right now. Buy one of those mini-putting greens you can use indoors. Even these will improve your ability to move more freely.

Several times a day, make it a point to stop and work on a flexibility exercise. For instance, stretch your legs while sitting in the recliner. Do five or six mini leg lifts or stretch your arms over your head and hold them there for a count of ten. All activity, even simple ones, increases your ability to move freely and with less pain.

Check with your doctor about the exercises he or she suggests. You may be asked to visit a physical therapist who will work with you on improving your fitness. Therapists have some fun ideas on staying fitter simple games you can play in your home with your grandkids, like batting a balloon back and forth with a plastic racket. Youll find yourself enjoying the exercise even more with your children around!

By making a simple choice each day of staying mobile as much as possible, you increase your chances of living a more independent life.

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