When we think about mobile phones, the things we think of most are corporate employees and chatty teens. What we normally dont think about is our aging community and what their needs may be.

Senior citizens in this country are now a major group that companies are marketing mobile phones to. In fact, some companies are even designing more senior friendly phones.

The new phones are designed with just the basic mobile phone functions. Calling out, receiving calls and storing numbers in the phones internal phone book are the standard functions.

This paired with larger buttons for easier dialing make these phones ideal for senior citizens. Now grandma doesnt have to spend 45 minutes trying to find a phone number and another 30 trying to see and push the tiny number buttons to call out.

It is hard to imagine your grandmother walking down the street chatting on her cell phone, but in the case of seniors, these phones may come in handy, maybe even save lives if used responsibly. These mobile phones are a definite asset when a situation like car trouble arises.

So now when our relatives reach their golden years and decide to take the RV and travel across country, they can do so with peace of mind that in the event of an emergency, they have 24-hour contact with civilization.

It will also give peace of mind to their loved ones. They can travel safely knowing they are always in contact in case of an emergency.

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