Car Donation In Florida: Bringing More Warmth To The Sunshine State

Many charities have car donation programs which are essential to their ability to raise funds. The cars donated will, if in good enough condition, be used by the charities in their work. Otherwise, they will be sold at a recognized auction to the highest bidder, and the person donating the vehicle will be able to claim its value as a tax write-off.

There are charities seeking car donations in all fifty states, and Florida, with its enormous population of senior citizens, is one state in which car donations play a vital role in helping people. Florida has both an elderly population who choose to donate their cars because they are no longer able to drive, and an elderly population dependent on charity organizations for their transportation. Car donations in Florida, in other words, are a way in which one segment of Florida senior citizens can help another.

Your Tax Benefit From A Car Donation In Florida

Florida is home to many, many different charities which will take car donations of vehicles as long as they are in average condition without significant body damage. All these charities are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as legitimate so your donation is a perfectly acceptable write-off.

The tax write-off to which you will be entitled for your car donation in Florida depends on the amount for which it sells. If it sells for less than $500.00, you can claim greater of the sales price, or the book value of the vehicle up to $500.00. If you car sells for more than $500.00, you can take its entire sales price as a charitable deduction. So you are guaranteed, most of the time, a minimum $500.00 write-off for your car donation

Charities To Which You Can Donate

Some of the charities which will eagerly accept your car donation in Florida are the Florida Council for the Blind, the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation; and US Doctors for Africa. The Florida Council for the Blind is dedicated to helping the visually impaired find employment; The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation is the leading source of funds for MS research and projects designed to help MS victims in Florida; and US Doctors for Africa id a group committed to eradicating AIDS and the many other infectious diseases endemic to Africa by providing its poorest regions with both the medical technologies and health care professionals which they so desperately need.

Your car donation in Florida will either provide a charity with much needed funds, or help the charity reach out to the less fortunate by providing them with transportation, or delivery of food, medicine, and other necessities of life. Youll be rewarded with at niche tax deduction, but even more importantly, with knowing you have made someones life just a little more livable!

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