Anyone can pick up a Sunday paper and clip coupons from the grocery store and manufacturers circulars, or go to their mailbox and fetch the latest coupon mailer, but you may be eligible for even more savings depending on who you are, or the company you keep.

Most people are familiar with the senior discounts at many diner and casual dining chains, but there are many other discounts available for seniors as well, and some places define seniors as young as 50. Anyone over 50 is eligible to join AARP, the American Association of Retired Persons. For $12.50 a year, you and your spouse or partner can enjoy discounts on everything from hotels to computers, and many things in between. Find out more at Dont wait for a merchant to offer you the discount, ask everywhere you go if they have one.

Military members have enjoyed many special discounts over the years, but since September 11, 2001, many companies have gone out of their way to offer specials to military members and their families in recognition of the sacrifices they make. Same applies here, always ask if there is a discount, there probably is. Similarly, some merchants and restaurants have similar savings available for law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and rescue personnel. In the Washington, DC, area, publicizes these offers. Usually, there isnt any coupon clipping necessary, just make sure you have your ID card with you.

Going to school gets more and more costly all the time, and student discount prices are available at movie theaters, museums and more. Make sure you have your current ID card with you and prepare to save. Ask your employer about possible discounts for employees of your company or workers in your profession.

Membership in the AAA can save you money on travel, online shopping, and more. Membership costs, but provides valuable services in addition to the savings you can get, and if you use it, it can often pay for itself quickly. More details are available at

Not a part of a group? With a little searching, you might be able to find one. At, you can join for free and get discounts on Disney vacations and other California and Florida attractions. Some airlines frequent flier programs have expanded so that miles can be used for discounts on other items, and some credit cards let you earn points toward discounted travel and merchandise.

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